Twelve MEAA crew members in running for AACTAs

December 1, 2016 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS

Congratulations to all the MEAA screen crew members recognised for their craft with a nomination at this year’s Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards.

New casting guidelines lead the way on use of overseas performers

December 1, 2016 #MEAAEquity News

MEAA is calling on other theatrical producers to follow the example of the Michael Cassel Group in adopting transparent guidelines for the engagement of overseas performers on Australian stages.

Focus on finances bears fruit

November 28, 2016 #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA #MEAASport News
Consolidation of MEAA’s finances in 2015-16 will help the union deal with whatever challenges confront it in the future, reports chief executive officer Paul Murphy.

Warner Bros. greenfields offshore feature film crew agreement endorsed

November 28, 2016 #MEAAECS

MEAA screen technician members have endorsed Warner Bros’ proposed greenfields crew agreement for offshore feature film at meetings held nationally last Thursday. 85% of those attending voted in favour of locking in the deal.

Production crew celebrate becoming 100% MEAA

November 28, 2016 #MEAACrew

Congratulations to seven production crew departments who recently became 100% MEAA.