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JobKeeper subsidy must apply to all freelancers

The Morrison Government must clarify and if necessary amend the eligibility criteria for its JobKeeper subsidy to alleviate concerns that a large proportion of the arts and entertainment workforce will fall through the cracks ...
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Employers in arts, entertainment and media need to re-hire stood down workforce

Employers in the arts, entertainment and media sectors should begin re-hiring their workforces in the wake of today’s announcement of an income subsidy for most Australian workers, says their union ...
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Unlock regional publishers funds now to keep newspapers alive

The Federal Government must immediately unlock $40 million in funding to keep regional and rural newspapers alive during the coronavirus crisis, says the union for Australia’s media workers ...
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MEAA condemns regional newspaper closures

At a time when fast and accurate information is more important than ever, media owners have an obligation to do all in their power to keep publishing, broadcasting and serving their communities ...
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Assistance to businesses must keep the arts workforce in work, not push them onto welfare

Employers in the media, entertainment and arts industries must ensure that cash payments set to flow to deal with the impact of the coronavirus crisis are used to keep people on their payroll – and that obligation must extend to any freelancers and contractors on their books ...
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