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World Press Freedom Day 2021: hostility towards journalists is on the rise

Journalists are fearful that increased harassment, abuse and violence directed towards them during the Covid-19 pandemic could become the new normal, says the union for Australian media workers ...
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Journalists’ union gives notice to quit Australian Press Council

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The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, the union for Australian journalists, will be giving notice that it intends to withdraw from the Australian Press Council ...
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Extra arts funding is too little, too late

The extra $125 million announced by the federal government today won't be enough to save thousands of jobs in the arts and entertainment sector when JobKeeper ends this weekend, says the union for Australia’s arts and entertainment workers ...
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Screen creatives visit Canberra to call for action on local content

Leading Australian actors, crew, writers and producers are in Canberra this week in a united push to convince Parliament to introduce local content requirements for booming digital viewing platforms ...
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Governments must heed the call for greater media diversity

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Greater diversity is needed in Australian media ownership to allow for a wider variety of voices to be heard and to better serve our communities ...
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