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Burmese journalists need our support

Australia must do more to support Burmese journalists who have been forced to flee Myanmar following the military coup in February ...
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SPA and MEAA release revised guidelines for screen safety

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) have released the National Guidelines for Screen Safety ...
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Reporting protests and accrediting MEAA Media members

MEAA and Victoria Police have had positive discussions following concerns raised by the union about new media accreditation requirements at public protests and rallies. MEAA was concerned that the decision by Victoria Police to issue identification cards to journalists and photographers had been made without consulting with the union. MEAA ...
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Government must ignore bluster of Netflix and Free TV and mandate local content obligations

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The federal government must stay the course on the introduction of new content rules for Netflix and other streaming video services ...
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Regional media companies that receive taxpayer money must keep services going

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Regional media outlets that have benefitted from taxpayer-funded support must use the money to maintain or increase their local coverage ...
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