MEAA membership for the modern communications professional.

“Our industry is changing rapidly and we need to join together to make sure we have the jobs and conditions we deserve.”

LJ Loch is the founder of Alpha Consult and a proud MEAA member.

Who are you? You work as media and public relations officers, social media officers, digital communicators, copywriters, website or multimedia producers, speechwriters and combinations of those jobs.

What type of work do you want? A job which has fair conditions, where your skills are respected, and you have the tools to excel.

To cater specifically for workers in communications, MEAA has developed a new membership called CommsPro.

To help you achieve your goals, the MEAA CommsPro community organises:

•    Quarterly skills workshops and career development days in Sydney and Melbourne.
•    An annual awards night to recognise excellence.
•    Women’s mentoring program (through Women in Media).
•    Actions, activities and advocacy to win and protect good jobs in our sector.

If your workplace is represented industrially by another union, the rate is just $6 a week. For everyone else the rate is $10 ($6 part-time) a week.

Download and print out the CommsPro flyer.

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“Being union means that someone always has my back and I have theirs, no matter the issue.”

Barry Dunning is the Media and Communications Manager at the Sax Institute and a proud MEAA member.