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LJ Loch
“Our industry is changing rapidly and we need to join together to make sure we have the jobs and conditions we deserve.”

LJ Loch is the founder of Alpha Consult and a proud MEAA member.

Welcome to MEAA’s CommsPro members area.

Who are you?

You work as media and public relations officers, social media officers, digital communicators, copywriters, website or multimedia producers, speechwriters and combinations of those jobs.

Do you care about being taken seriously in your career, having a job with decent working conditions, where your skills are respected, and you have the tools to excel?

You’ve come to the right place.

MEAA members have stood together for more than a century building good work conditions, respect and long careers for journalists in traditional media settings – now we are organising for the future.

MEAA recognises you are a professional – educated, multi-skilled, creative and passionate about the work you do – and our members want those qualities to be recognised and rewarded throughout your career.

What we do

MEAA CommsPro members are driven – we want career development, training opportunities and the chance to organise for better, consistent and transparent conditions and pay scales across the industry. But we can only campaign to make a difference if WE mobilise to be the change we want to see in our industry.

Become a CommsPro member today and join with us to organise for a better working life in media in the future

Join CommsPro here – Full-time employees: $10.19/week, Part-time employment $6.11/week or joint MEAA/ASU membership $6.11/week (valid from July 1, 2018).

  • Have your say in our “Good Jobs” Campaign Be involved in the future of our industry by filling out the Comms Pro Good Jobs Survey

Barry Dunning
“Being union means that someone always has my back and I have theirs, no matter the issue.”

Barry Dunning is the Media and Communications Manager at the Sax Institute and a proud MEAA member.