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MEAA submission to the National Cultural Policy Review

MEAA strongly supports the development of a national cultural policy and endorses the five pillars ...
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MEAA’s submission to the Review of the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code

MEAA acknowledges the injection of funds that have flowed into the Australian media sector since the Code’s commencement in 2021 ...
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MEAA Federal Election 2022 Issues and Priorities

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MEAA’s policy priorities for the 2022 Federal Election have been forwarded to the leaders of the ALP, Greens and Liberal Party and their respective party secretariats. MEAA will monitor and publishes any responses during the election campaign to help members make informed voting decisions ...
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MEAA submission to House of Representatives inquiry into regional newspapers

In this submission to the House of Representatives inquiry into regional Australian newspapers, MEAA says local public interest journalism must be seen as an indispensable part of a community’s civic infrastructure – in all communities. Regional and rural communities, in particular, are being progressively denied local public interest journalism for ...
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MEAA submission on Treasury Laws Amendment (2021 Measures No. 5) Bill 2021

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MEAA strongly supports increasing the Producer Offset to 30% for screen productions that are not feature films. Similarly, MEAA supports the removal of the 65 commercial hour cap qualifying Australian production expenditure for a series and seasons of a series. MEAA do not support the remainder of the measures in ...
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