MEAA Member Central is your first point of contact for any  inquiry you may have as a MEAA member or as a creative professional looking to join MEAA.

We have trained information officers ready to answer any inquiries you may have about your employment conditions, membership status or to be put into contact with your local union representative.

MEAA Member Central: 1300 65 65 13 or email:

Paul MurphyCEO
Paul took over as CEO of MEAA in April, 2015, after three years as the national director of its journalist section. Prior to working at MEAA Paul spent 16 years as a press secretary or chief-of-staff to various Ministers in the NSW Government.

Karene WaltonDirector, Operations
Karene has been involved in the Australian union movement for the last 20 years. She has worked for the ACTU as Education and Campaign Advisor, where she worked directly with union leadership in a number of unions to develop campaign strategies and implement organisational change. Karene has also enjoyed working with United Voice, Professionals Australia as a National Campaigner and for the National Union of Workers, analysing, developing and co-ordinating all aspects of campaigning. Karene has created and delivered a range of education programs aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of union leaders, organisers, delegates and activists.

Zoe Angus – Director, Equity
Zoe graduated with honours in politics from the University of Queensland in 1989. She also holds a Master of Industrial Relations and a Juris Doctor of Law from Melbourne University. She has almost 10 years’ experience teaching, including running the first year Australian Government tutorial program at Sydney University and teaching English in Israel for several years. For the last 15 years she has been working in employment law. She was legal officer for many years at the Australian Workers’ Union and has served on the executive of the peak Australian union body (ACTU). Zoe joined MEAA in 2013 as an industrial officer. She is the child of an actor.

Katelin McInerney – Director, Media 
Katelin graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). An internship at the Illawarra Mercury turned into a full-time appointment, as education reporter, and she also covered news, features and community during her time with the paper. Katelin won a national award for her writing on education for the Mercury. Katelin joined MEAA as an organiser in 2009, become the national lead organiser in 2012, and stepped up as director in 2015. She is passionate about protecting the rights of creative professionals.

Matthew Chesher – Director, Legal and Policy
Matthew joined MEAA in 2012 as the organisation’s National Industrial Officer. He has filled the position of Director, Legal and Policy, since October 2015. Prior to joining MEAA, Matthew occupied various positions in trade unions and was a senior staffer in NSW Governments from 1998 to 2011.

Erin Madeley – Director, Entertainment, Crew & Sport
Erin joined MEAA in 2007 and was the lead organiser for the ECS section before taking maternity leave in late-2016. She returned to active work as the director of the section in July 2017.

Susan Clarkson – Director, Finance
Susan Clarkson is a FCPA with over 20 years in experience in senior financial roles; she joined MEAA in 2012 and is responsible for the overall financial performance of the union in line with the relevant legislation and regulation.  Susan started her career in merchant banking and over the last 15 years has worked predominately in NGOs. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Western Sydney University.

Matthew Burton – Member Central Consultant
Georgina Goddard – Membership Service Team
Ben McGowan – Membership Service Team
Roisin McGee – Membership Service Team
Ida Ioannou-Marsh – Membership Service Team
Murali Chinnappa Membership Service Team

Tanya de Almeida – Director, Industrial Advice & Advocacy
Annette Widitz – Industrial Officer
Dorcas Mbugua – Industrial Officer
Paul Yiallouros Industrial Officer
Cian Galea Industrial Officer
Zac Gillies-Palmer Industrial Officer
Miles Hunt – Industrial Officer

Mark Phillips – Communications Director
Lizzie Franks – Communications Manager (Equity); Editor, The Equity Magazine
Mike Dobbie – Communications Manager (Media)
Phill Lappin – Digital Communications Officer

Peter Ross – Director, Technology
Dalin OuchTechnical Support

Jennifer O’Brien – Executive Assistant
Maria Sorbello – Mail Clerk

Susan Clarkson – Director, Finance
Sophie Wang – Financial Accountant
Lulu Wang – Financial Accountant
Jeanette Balane – Financial Accountant
Martine Shqau – Payroll Officer
Frisco Carmona – Residuals Manager
Amelia JimenezResiduals Officer

Zoe Angus – Director, Equity
Andrew Crowley – Deputy Director
Nikau IrvineOrganiser
Jay Radford National Imports Officer

Mary Cotter – Director
Alex Jones – Program Manager
Zoe EdemaStoryville Manager
Helen KimStoryville Program Administrator

Erin Madeley – Director, ECS
Kelly Wood – Deputy Director, ECS
Gerard Brown – Organiser
Peter Owen – Organiser

Katelin McInerney – Director, Media 
Ella Bickley Organiser

Paul Davies – Director, Musicians

Jessica d’Arienzo Director, Organising

Michelle Rae – Director, QLD
Nikau Irvine – Organiser (Equity)

Angelique Ivanica – SA Branch Secretary
Aaron Connor – Organiser (Equity/ECS)

Adam Portelli – Director, Victoria and Tasmania
Jenny Farrar – Organiser (Media)
Brendan Orders Organiser (ECS)
David HaidonOrganiser (ECS)
Tim BenfattoOrganiser (ECS)
Mardi O’Connor – Organiser (Media)
Sarah McKenzie – Organiser (Equity)
Nicholas Kyriacou – Organiser (Equity)

Tiffany Venning – Director, WA

Andrew MarkeyOrganiser (Equity/ECS)

Melissa Ansell-BridgesIndustrial Officer/Organiser