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Nick McKenzie - Investigative reporter

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Need help? Seek it out

Francisco Lopez, new co-chair of the Equity Wellness Committee, wants actors to know it’s ok to ...

Posted on 23rd, January 2019

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Advice for Hollywood hopefuls

Veteran LA talent scout Jason Siner shares his inside knowledge to maximise your chances of breaking ...

Posted on 22nd, January 2019

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Know your rights: have you been underpaid?

Have you been underpaid at work?

Posted on 14th, January 2019

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Casuals underpaid at the ABC

The ABC has publicly admitted that it may have underpaid up to 2500 casual staff over ...

Posted on 11th, January 2019

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Solidarity with striking Broadway actors

MEAA Equity stands in solidarity with American Actors’ Equity in their campaign to improve payment for ...

Posted on 10th, January 2019

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MEAA election notice — 2019

Please note well: MEAA has normally made arrangements for and conducted elections for offices in ‘even-numbered ...

Posted on 30th, December 2018

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MEAA Member Central Holiday Hours

MEAA Member Central will be open the following hours (AEST) during the holiday period. Contact 1300 ...

Posted on 19th, December 2018

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Working in extreme heat

Summer is upon us and already across the states, we have experienced a number of extremely ...

Posted on 18th, December 2018

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Nine’s redundancies at Fairfax web sites

MEAA union members stand with the 26 journalists and other staff told they were redundant today ...

Posted on 11th, December 2018

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Saying farewell to Fairfax

After providing quality independent journalism to Australian audiences for more than 185 years, the Fairfax brand ...

Posted on 7th, December 2018

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