MEAA Board

  • Simon Collins Federal President
  • ;
  • Marcus Strom MEAA Media Federal President
  • ;
  • Chloe Dallimore MEAA Equity Federal President
  • ;
  • Cameron Brook MEAA Musicians Federal President
  • ;
  • Fiona Donovan MEAA ECS Federal President
  • ;
  • Michael Janda MEAA Media Vice-President
  • ;
  • Karen Percy MEAA Media Vice-President
  • ;
  • Abbe Holmes MEAA Equity Vice-President
  • ;
  • Jonathan Mill MEAA Equity Vice-President
  • ;
  • Rosemary Westmore MEAA ECS Vice-President
  • ;
  • Camilla Ah Kin NSW Branch Board Member
  • ;
  • Caleb Cluff Vic Branch Board Member
  • ;
  • Martin Saxon All Other Branches (SA/NT, TAS, ACT & WA) Board Member
  • ;

The MEAA Board is made up of the federal president and 14 other senior activists who work in our industries.

Federal President
Simon Collins

Federal President (Media)
Marcus Strom

Federal President (Equity)
Chloe Dallimore

Federal President (Musicians)
Cameron Brook

Federal President (ECS)
Fiona Donovan

Federal Vice-Presidents (Media)
Michael Janda
Karen Percy

Federal Vice- Presidents (Equity)
Abbe Holmes
Jonathan Mill

Federal Vice-President (ECS/Musicians)
Rosemary Westmore

NSW Branch Board Member
Camilla Ah Kin

Victoria Branch Board Member
Caleb Cluff

Queensland Branch Board Member

All other branches (SA/NT, TAS, ACT and WA) Board Member
Martin Saxon