The media, arts and entertainment industries are experiencing profound change, but MEAA's strong campaigns continue to support the rights and interests of our members and open up new opportunities for them to inform and entertain.

Our Communities, Our Stories

The stories of regional and rural Australia are important: our stories matter.

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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

On this page you will find a package of resources to help MEAA members during the health crisis.

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Arts Matter

Art matters

“The arts play a crucial role in our society. Art connects us as humans and shapes how we think about ourselves and the world.”

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Your Right to Know

When the government keeps the truth from you, what are they covering up?

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Equity Wellness

“The reports speak for themselves; people are suffering for their ‘art’ and they just don’t have to.”

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The screen industry is ready to get back to work and contribute to the economic recovery. But government policies are holding us back.