The media, arts and entertainment industries are experiencing profound change, but MEAA's strong campaigns continue to support the rights and interests of our members and open up new opportunities for them to inform and entertain.

Screen offshore template

The six major Hollywood studios have put forward an offer for a template agreement to cover crew working on large scale features in Australia. But is it good enough?

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Change The Rules

We need to change the rules so that workers have more secure jobs and better pay.

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Press Freedom Australia

“How much do we value press freedom? We, like the vast majority of journalists, would pick jail or a contempt charge over revealing a confidential source in court”

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Sexual harassment in the spotlight

In recent months there have been many shocking accounts of sexual harassment, assault and other misconduct both here and overseas. It’s time for action.

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Make it Australian

The Australian screen industry is facing the fight of its life. A renewed commitment is needed from government to bring our stories to our screens.

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