Benefits for Students

Sign up for a Student MEAA membership today for a huge range of benefits

MEAA knows that, as students, you are under a lot of financial pressure, but having contacts in the media industry is a key pathway to work.

With a student membership you can access to MEAA, Women in Media and Walkleys networking and skills development events such as training and functions, helping you make the transition from hopeful outsider to well-connected insider.

As student, in class you have a network of other students; in the workforce, MEAA is your network.

The MEAA Student membership rate is just $52 a year – not much more than $1 a week.

For that, you get a range of benefits, including:

  • Advice/consultation on employment issues;
  • Weekly bulletins on campaigns and news in the media industry;
  • Networking events, including Women in Media and Media Drinks;
  • Discounts on the Walkley Foundation professional development program;
  • Discounts for theatre and movie tickets;
  • Access to the MEAA Journey Cover Insurance.

In addition, student members can submit their work at no cost to the awards held around the year by the Walkley Foundation, including the Young Journalist of the Year awards (which usually cost $160 per entry).

For further information about MEAA Media Student membership, call MEAA Member Central on 1300 656 513 or join online.