MEAA Musicians

The MEAA musicians section represents Australia’s professional musicians. This includes SOMA (Symphony Orchestra Musician Association), Musicians Australia (for freelance musicians) and TOMA (Theatre Orchestra Musicians Association).

The MEAA musicians section aims to protect and develop the pay, conditions and professional interest of its members.

MEAA campaigns on workplace health and safety, superannuation, building a sustainable industry, building industry-wide standards for minimum rates as well as promoting the cultural and economic significance of music and musicians in our culture.

Kimberley Wheeler was elected Federal President of MEAA Musicians in 2024. Starting 25 years ago in rock and metal music, Kimberley now works in the folk and country genres as a songwriter and double bassist. Kimberley attended the inaugural Australian Women in Music Awards (2018) to seek out fellow musicians facing similar challenges. Here, she found Musicians Australia. Now, as part of the leadership team, she champions representation and collective goals in an industry that has long overlooked its musicians.

Paul Davies is the Director of MEAA Musicians. Paul has worked as a national official for a number of unions over the past 20 years, most recently as NSW Director of Professionals Australia. He has set up and led campaigns in a many different industries, from childcare (Big Steps) to engineering and public infrastructure (Australian National Engineering Taskforce). He is motivated by the need for unions to adapt, change and grow. He has degrees in Arts and Law and is a keen amateur musician.

MEAA Musicians National Committee

  • Kimberley Wheeler Musicians Federal President
  • Mitchell Nissen Musicians Vice-President
  • Matt Jeffrey NSW President
  • James Steendam NSW Vice-President
  • Aaron Wyatt Victoria President
  • Jacqueline Evans Queensland President
  • Lachlan Bramble SA/NT President
  • Helen Tuckey WA President
  • Rod Davies Federal Council delegate
  • Ruth Hazleton Federal Council delegate
  • Tim Hollo Federal Council delegate

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Why I’m a member…

Tania Hardy Smith“Being a member of MEAA means I’m connected to like-minded people who care about contributing to a fair and effective work environment.” Tania Hardy Smith is a member of Orchestra Victoria.


Cameron Brook “Being a MEAA member gives us all a voice in improving our workplace, and access to excellent professional and legal advice when needed.” Cameron Brook is a member of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.



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