Apply for a stunt grading

Applying for a Stunt Grading? Read this checklist for what you need and what you need to do

1. Read the 2010 Stunt Grading Procedure and ensure you have fulfilled the criteria.

2. Compile your application.

All applications are to be compiled as one PDF document – see SAP Template for a guideline to all levels.  MP4 stunt reels must also be submitted.

3. It is highly advised that you have a member of the Stunt Grading Committee review your application before submitting.

SAP Application must be accompanied with a $235 application fee that will be credited to MEAA membership on successful grading.

4. You now need to complete this online form. 

The committee is made up of:

  • Darko Tuskan (Stunt Co-ordinator, QLD)
  • Tony Lynch (Stunt Co-ordinator, NSW
  • Philip Partridge (Stunt Coordinator, NSW)
  • Chris Anderson (Stunt Co-ordinator, VIC)
  • Haydn Dalton (Stunt Actor, QLD)
  • Inge Sildnik (Stunt Actor, NSW)
  • Rosco Campbell (Stunt Actor, VIC)
  • Jesse Rowles (Stunt Actor NSW)
  • Nigel Harbach (Safety Supervisor, WA)
  • Leon Stripp (Safety Supervisor, QLD)
  • Philli Anderson (Safety Supervisor, VIC)
  • Steve Morris (Safety Supervisor, QLD)

Submitting the Application

Applications need to be uploaded using this link.  

If your pdf document is greater than 14mgb you will need to upload a document into above form that contains a link using to your preferred file sharing platform such as google drive or dropbox and must not be password protected and publicly available for access by all committee members.

Two USB copies need to be mailed to:

Att Michelle Rae
Level 3, 16 Peel St
South Brisbane QLD 4101

2021-2022 Dates 

Applications close: February 6th 2022
Meeting: March 7th 2022

Applications close: May 8th 2022
Meeting: June 6th 2022

Applications close: August 7th 2022
Meeting: September 11th 2022

Applications close: November 6th 2022
Meeting: December 11th 2022

The December Grading is for STAC level and above no SAP gradings will be accepted at this meeting.


National Stunt Grading Procedure

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Last update: February 25, 2022

Stunt Grading Application Template

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Last update: October 25, 2021

Stunt Grading Application Checklist

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