Renewal at the top of Australia’s union for media, entertainment and arts workers

February 8, 2022 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia #MEAAMusic News

The MEAA Federal Council will have a fresh look with 43 new delegates and a change of leadership at the top of the union’s Media section.

MEAA elections 2021-22

December 17, 2021 #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia News

Financial MEAA  members should by now have received ballot papers and candidate information (where supplied by the candidates) for contested elections for union positions.

Leave entitlements for screen crew over the holidays

December 15, 2021 #MEAACrew

Every year MEAA fields enquiries from members working on screen productions about their entitlement to paid public holidays over the Christmas/New Year period.

As most productions call an unpaid hiatus over the period, it’s not a simple yes/no answer.

Crew whose contracts end before Christmas aren’t entitled to the public holidays, but if you’re coming back after the hiatus you may be ...

My MEAA story: Jennifer Bichard

December 14, 2021 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS News
Jennifer Bichard is a unit nurse and safety supervisor who recently retired after more than three decades in the screen industry. She has been active in MEAA throughout that time especially on workplace health and safety issues.

I’ve just completed 22 weeks on my final international TV series The Tourist and have announced my retirement after 35 years in the film ...

My MEAA story: Kimberley Wheeler

December 14, 2021 #MEAAMusic News
A founding member of Musicians Australia, Kimberley Wheeler is a inger, songwriter, composer and bass player

No-one thinks they need a union until they are faced with the kind of crisis a union helps address.

The music business is often a dog eat dog affair where workers, especially women, are pitted against each other for limited opportunities and low pay. For the last ...