Ten top tips: Daina Reid

December 20, 2017 #MEAAEquity

Daina Reid is one of Australia’s most successful television directors. Here she shares her ten top tips for audition success.

Culture of fear prevents performers speaking out on sexual harassment: Zoe Angus

December 18, 2017 #MEAAEquity

Almost a quarter of victims of sexual harassment, assault or bullying in live theatre do not make a complaint because they fear it will have repercussions for their career, according to our just-concluded survey.

2017: the year in review

December 15, 2017 #MEAACrew #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia News
A look back at how 2017 panned out for MEAA members.

Must-see films about journalism

December 15, 2017 #MEAAMedia News
Journalism has always been great fodder for film. Here are a couple of dozen of the best films made about journalism.

‘Brownie’ fears for industry’s survival without government support

December 14, 2017 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS News
Screen industry legend Ray Brown — recently honoured with a MEAA lifetime membership — talks about his career and the role that the union has played in his life.