Statement on Sydney Opera House

October 10, 2018 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS News
The MEAA delegate committee at the Sydney Opera House has passed the following resolution:

Hands Off Our ABC in Wentworth

October 8, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MEAACrew #MEAAEquity News

MEAA members were out on the streets of Bondi and Paddington on Saturday to raise the profile of the future of the ABC as a key issue in the October 20 Wentworth by-election.

Crisis won’t end until ABC Board members answer what they knew and when

September 29, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

MEAA’s ABC House Committee demands greater transparency and accountability from the ABC board in light of a damaging week for the national broadcaster.

ABC leadership crisis demands full public inquiry

September 27, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MEAAMedia Featured News

The resignation of chairman Justin Milne has worsened the leadership crisis at the top of the ABC which will only be resolved with a comprehensive public inquiry.

Staff members made very clear yesterday their disgust with the targeting of journalists behind the scenes from those who are supposed to uphold the ABC’s independence.

This is not a one-off attack on the ABC’s ...

Resolutions passed at ABC staff meetings

September 26, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

Reports this morning alleged that the ABC chairman, Justin Milne, sought to interfere in editorial and staffing decisions at the ABC. MEAA believes that, if true, they would indicate Mr Milne has no understanding of editorial independence, proper complaints handling processes, or the appropriate distance a board chair needs to keep from staffing matters.

Staff meetings were held at ABC offices ...