World Press Freedom Day 2022: government must show its commitment through action, not just words

May 3, 2022 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom #pressfreedom

The next Australian government must recommit to press freedom by putting in place overdue reforms to support public interest journalism.

Management contracts: What to know before you sign

April 19, 2022 #MEAAEquity

If you’re considering changing agent, or securing representation for the first time, make sure you read your contract carefully.

US and Australian Press Clubs join in calling for the release of MEAA member Cheng Lei

March 30, 2022 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom #pressfreedom Featured News

US and Australian press leaders on Wednesday strongly condemned the ongoing detention and secretive prosecution of journalist Cheng Lei

Audition alert: Know your rights and report unsafe practices

March 24, 2022

MEAA Equity has recently been made aware of unsafe practices occurring in audition rooms that have left several young performers feeling threatened. We remind our members that you have a right to have a someone with you in an audition should you wish, and you should be provided with detailed information about the script, production company, pay rates and any ...

Performing at Mardi Gras? Know Your Rights

March 2, 2022 #MEAAEquity

Each year MEAA members perform in various roles at Mardi Gras. MEAA recognises the significance of Mardi Gras to our LGBTIQ+ members and allies.