Support for journalist victims of harassment

March 26, 2019 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News Uncategorized

MEAA’s Digital Committee — delegates at digital workplaces campaigning for better jobs and conditions in digital media — have released the following statement:

The MEAA Digital Committee stands in solidarity with Osman Faruqi and Rashna Farrukh who have stood up for a diverse media this week at great personal cost.

In light of the events in Christchurch, it has ...

NSW Journalists’ Benevolent Fund – election of trustees

March 25, 2019 #MEAAMedia Featured News Uncategorized

NSW Journalists’ Benevolent Fund election notice

The NSW Journalists’ Benevolent Fund trustees have asked the fund’s accountant, Brenden Hughes of Boroughs Australia Pty Limited, to act as returning officer for the election of three trustees. Nominations are now called for three Class A trustees of the fund to be elected for a two-year term expiring on June 30, ...

Theatre Royal gets new lease on life

March 20, 2019 #MEAAEquity

The reopening of the Sydney’s historic Theatre Royal is another great example of what’s possible when we stand together, writes Equity President Chloe Dallimore.

Know your rights: Television commercials

March 18, 2019 #MEAAEquity Uncategorized

Equity is concerned about the rise in non-standard terms “Warranties and Special Conditions appearing in casting briefs and contracts for television commercials. Here’s what to look out for.

Theatre industry unites to continue safety campaign

March 18, 2019 #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity Uncategorized

MEAA, theatre leaders, actors and crew will attend the second Safe Theatres Forum in Melbourne this weekend to continue industry-wide efforts to combat sexual harassment and bullying in theatrical workplaces.