ACCC approval of Nine’s takeover of Fairfax a body blow to journalism

November 8, 2018 #FairGoFairfax #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Campaigns Featured News

Today’s decision by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to greenlight the takeover of Fairfax Media by Nine Entertainment Co. is a body-blow to media diversity, and the forerunner to future mega-deals that will reduce coverage of matters of public and national interest and do untold harm to media jobs.

Despite the ACCC’s tough talk about protecting competition and assuring the ...

The state of the screen sector

October 30, 2018 #MEAACrew #MEAAEquity

A report into the state of the Australian screen industry reveals some impressive topline results but beneath the surface there are still many areas in need of stronger government support.

Standards on set: Too important to improv

October 25, 2018 #MEAAEquity

It’s time to renegotiate the Equity screen agreements.

Australia must not participate in Saudi conference – MEAA

October 19, 2018 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

MEAA has written to Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Trade Minister Simon Birmingham urging them to ensure Australia does not participate in a global investment conference in Riyadh in the wake of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. MEAA wrote:

Dear Ministers,

You would be aware that Saudi Arabia is hosting the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh next week. MEAA understands ...

On tender hooks

October 18, 2018 #MEAAEquity

The UK’s leading “intimacy coordinator”, Ita O’Brien, is on a mission to make sex scenes safer for actors.