Farewell Howard Manley

December 14, 2016 #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA News
After about 18 years at the helm of the Symphony Orchestra Musicians’ Association and three decades in total with our union, Howard Manley is retiring as SOMA national officer on December 16.

Know your rights: Nudity

December 12, 2016 #MEAAEquity

There are important Equity guidelines to be aware of when it comes to shooting scenes that involve nudity or sex scenes for a film or television production.

Why I’m a member: Aga Hayder

December 12, 2016 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS

Aga worked her way to second assistant director (AD) after starting as a runner fresh from film school. Her career highlights include working on Pirates of the Caribbean shooting with the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Xavier Bardem. Aga recently got involved in MEAA’s Get Real on Rates campaign because after she saw many of her colleagues having to make the decision to leave ...

MEAA members campaign for domestic violence leave

December 12, 2016 #MEAAECS #MEAAMedia News

While momentum is slowly building for paid domestic violence leave to become a standard employment entitlement, MEAA members have already campaigned for and won this important entitlement to be provided in their workplace.

MEAA crew members win big at AACTA Awards

December 8, 2016 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS

Four MEAA crew members were among the winners of the 6th Annual Australian Cinema and Television Arts Awards held in Sydney this week.