Journalists at risk of sham contracting

December 16, 2015 #MEAAMedia News
How to be on your guard against sham contracting in the media.

The year in review: Entertainment, Crew & Sport

December 14, 2015 #MEAAECS

For the Entertainment, Crew and Sport section of MEAA, 2015 was a year of continuing growth, engaging national campaigns, and for some worksites, it brought their first union agreement.

2015 APDG Awards

December 14, 2015 #MEAAECS

Six members of the Entertainment, Crew and Sport section of MEAA were nominated for their outstanding design work at the annual Australian Production Design Guild Awards for 2015, presented at a ceremony in Sydney last night.

Project explores if there is life after redundancy

December 11, 2015 #MEAAMedia News
A landmark study is tracking what happens to journalists after they are made redundant.

Journalists’ sources protected in crucial hearing

December 9, 2015 #MEAAMedia Featured News

In a significant victory for press freedom, the responsibility of journalists to protect their confidential sources has been upheld.