MEAA urges Saudi journalists be granted asylum

November 18, 2019 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News Uncategorized

MEAA is urging the intervention of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton in the immigration of two Saudi Arabian journalists who are seeking asylum.

Chief Executive’s Report for 2018-19

November 12, 2019 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA #MEAASport News
A message to all members from Chief Executive Paul Murphy from MEAA’s 2018-19 Annual Report.

Journalist refused visa to speak on press freedom

October 23, 2019 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

MEAA has urged Australian immigration authorities to reverse a decision to deny a visa to a prominent Cameroonian journalist who is due to speak on freedom of expression issues this Friday.

Don’t read the comments: new strategy to combat online abuse of women journalists

October 23, 2019 #Freelance #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom #womeninmedia News

MEAA is calling for a united industry approach by media organisations to combat the prevalence of online harassment and abuse of women media workers.

MEAA joins media organisations in campaign for the public’s right to know

October 21, 2019 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

MEAA has joined with publishers, broadcasters and other media organisations in an unprecedented united campaign for reforms to protect media freedom, whistleblowers and the public’s right to know.