Annual leave for performers working in theatre

May 28, 2018 #MEAAEquity

Performers accrue four weeks of annual leave each year, starting from day one of their employment. Performers may apply for annual leave at any time, and an employer can only refuse a request if the refusal is reasonable.

Vale John McAuliffe

May 17, 2018 #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA News

John McAuliffe, a key figure in the unionisation of Australia’s orchestral musicians, has passed away in Sydney, aged 71.

MEAA says cuts to ABC “dangerous and irresponsible”

May 9, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MakeItAustralian #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Campaigns Featured MediaRoom News Other statements Releases

The Federal Budget’s cut of $127 million from the ABC represents a dangerous and irresponsible assault on public broadcasting in Australia, MEAA said.

There are grave implications for audiences seeking news and information, and these cuts only weaken public broadcasting at the very time when commercial broadcasting is struggling due to the challenges of digital disruption – particularly for audiences in ...

Australia criminalises journalism

May 3, 2018 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News
There’s almost universal acceptance of the maxim “Journalism is not a crime”. One exception is Australia’s parliament – it begs to differ.

Management contracts: What to know before you sign

April 30, 2018 #MEAAEquity

If you’re considering changing agent, or securing representation for the first time, make sure you read your contract carefully.