Oakes urges renewed fight for press freedom

September 28, 2015 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom News
Press Gallery veteran says journalists have been too complacent about creeping restrictions on press freedom.

Life as a female sports journalist

September 24, 2015 #MEAAMedia #womeninmedia

From being locked out of the locker room to allegations of inappropriate relationships with interviewees, three sporting journalists at the top of their game share some of the highs and lows of being a female sports reporter in a male-dominated industry.

Spotlight on John Molloy

September 23, 2015 #MEAACrew

Forty two years is a long time to be in one work place by today’s standards, but costume maker John Molloy’s days, like his costumes, are never the same.

Interview with Rose Byrne

September 23, 2015 #MEAAEquity

Equity member Rose Byrne talks about mining for laughs, why funny women are such a talking point and shares her tips for up and coming performers.

Five lessons from Avenue Q

September 22, 2015 #MEAAEquity

Earlier this year MEAA Equity recovered $114,000 in unpaid wages for performers who worked on Avenue Q at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.