Residuals – What you need to know

October 13, 2015 #MEAAEquity

Important changes are being negotiated to the way performers will earn residuals in the future.

Journalists’ sources at risk as data retention begins

October 12, 2015 #MEAAMedia News
MEAA is concerned the new data retention laws will compromise the code of ethics.

New MEAA president wants to get union back in tune

October 8, 2015 #MEAASOMA News
Simon Collins talks of his plans to increase activism within MEAA.

High hoops for new Basketballers’ Association

October 6, 2015 #MEAASport

Who better to lead a new body to representing Australian basketball players than Lauren Jackson and Jacob Holmes?

Oakes urges renewed fight for press freedom

September 28, 2015 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom News
Press Gallery veteran says journalists have been too complacent about creeping restrictions on press freedom.