State of Press Freedom in 2014: Secrecy and Surveillance

May 7, 2014 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom

MEAA’s annual report into the state of press freedom is now available online.

The report covers whistleblower protection, access to asylum seekers, star chambers,  metadata, the ABC, redundancies and much more.

“Over the past year, the threats to press freedom have become more insidious,” says MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren.

“Revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden suggest that metadata ...

Media industry unites to support press freedom

May 7, 2014

The who’s who of Australia’s media gathered at Sydney Harbour on May 2 to attend the Press Freedom Australia Media Dinner to honour UNESCO World Press Freedom Day and fundraise for colleagues in need in the Asia Pacific. ABC senior journalist Philippa McDonald hosted the event.

Multi Walkley Award-winning investigative journalists Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, of Fairfax Media, presented a ...

Women in Media to launch in Queensland!

May 6, 2014 #MEAAMedia #womeninmedia

Walkley Award-winning ABC television journalist and social commentator, Caroline Jones AO, is on her way to Queensland to launch the national Women in Media network in Brisbane and FNQ in May.

Women in Media, growing rapidly across Australia, connects women in the media industry with networking opportunities and discussion as well as valuable mentoring opportunities to advance their careers.

Queensland events will ...

MEAA shows solidarity with UK freelance grips

April 24, 2014 #MEAACrew

MEAA, the union that represents film and TV workers in Australia, expresses its support for UK freelance grips in their campaign for fair wages and conditions.

While negotiations are in a deadlock, UK employers have started to bring in grips from outside the UK to employ them for much lower conditions.

UK union BECTU and its grip members are calling for solidarity ...

Celebrating strength in numbers…with cake, of course!

April 15, 2014 #MEAAEquity

If every cast member of a film, TV show or live production is an Equity member we have the best chance of improving pay and conditions.

Producers might be able to say no to one performer but they can’t ignore the entire cast! Being “100% Equity” matters.

View our 100% Equity cast photos here.

If your cast is 100% we ...