Government must listen to concerns on encryption legislation – MEAA

December 2, 2018 #MEAAMedia #pressfreedom Featured News

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance has called on the government to reconsider its proposed encryption legislation to address concerns about the impact on journalists and their sources.

MEAA Chief Executive Paul Murphy said the bill should not be allowed to proceed in its current form.

“This bill would grant access to the communications data of journalists without any proper judicial oversight, and with no consideration ...

The My Health Record system — advice to members

November 29, 2018 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMusic #MEAASport Featured News

MEAA and other unions affiliated with the ACTU have raised concerns about the implementation of the My Health Record system.

Spotlight on Andrew Howard

November 28, 2018
Andrew Howard is Resident Sound Designer and Head of Audio at the State Theatre Company of South Australia. He talks about his career and why he’s a MEAA member.

How long have you been working in the industry and how did you get your start?

I started working in the theatre industry as a composer and sound designer in 2000 with experimental theatre ...

ABC board appointments need major overhaul, say journalists

November 21, 2018 #HandsOffOurABC #MEAAMedia News

The process for nominating and appointing candidates to the ABC board needs a complete overhaul to ensure the board has appropriate levels of media experience and is protected from interference by lobby groups, says the union for ABC journalists around Australia.

Chief Executive’s Report

November 20, 2018 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMedia #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA #MEAASport News
A message to all members from Chief Executive Paul Murphy from MEAA’s 2017–18 Annual Report.