My MEAA story: Emily Hubbard

February 16, 2023
An arts lover, Emily Hubbard has relished her front of house roles at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art over the last five years. Now, she’s using her experience across the Melbourne venue – from the gallery bar to venue hire and visitor experience – to create solidarity among members and improve their conditions as casual workers.

What do you do ...

MEAA member Zerene Webster recognised as outstanding young activist

February 9, 2023 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS

Congratulations to MEAA member Zerene Webster who is nominated for the Athan McCaw Young Activist of the Year Award. Zerene, a proud Wutyubaluk Woman living and working on Wadawurrung Country in Ballaarat (Ballarat), is a passionate activist and union delegate at her workplace, Sovereign Hill, a living museum presenting the story of Ballarat as a goldrush boomtown.

“I have always been ...

National Cultural Policy is a big step forward for the sector

January 31, 2023 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity #MEAAMusic #MEAASOMA News

The release of the new National Cultural Policy, Revive,  is a major show of faith in the arts sector by the Albanese government after years of wilful neglect by its Coalition predecessors.

My MEAA story: Jana Castillo

January 26, 2023 #MEAAEquity
A dancer and choreographer, Jana Castillo has autism and 10 years ago was diagnosed with the movement disorder dystonia. She has been involved in the Dancers Australia campaign.

I first saw Play School live when I was 3½ and was mesmerised with how the people up there under those bright lights could be making so many people feel joy. I just ...

Firearms on set: you must use a recognised armourer

January 24, 2023 #MEAACrew #MEAAECS #MEAAEquity

One of the highest risk areas of any production is when firearms are used.

We know from bitter experience that when procedures are ignored or not followed to the letter, production personnel can be killed.

It is a producer’s responsibility to eliminate, reduce and control risk on set.

When it comes to firearms use, the foremost safety control is engaging a qualified and ...