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Musician’s Alliance launches fair trade recognition for industry players

The Australian Freelance Musician’s Alliance (AFMA) is launching a Fair Trade campaign that will recognise businesses, venues, organisations, agents and fellow musicians that treat musicians fairly, understand the value of live music in Australia and make a positive contribution to the industry. To receive AFMA Fair Trade approval nominees will be assessed on a list […]

MEAA says national security law an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union and industry advocate for Australia’s journalists, has described the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill No 1 which been passed by the parliament an outrageous attack on press freedom in Australia. MEAA federal secretary Christopher Warren said: “This Bill has been rushed through in undue haste without […]

Hollywood: What to know before you go

If you’re thinking of taking a crack at Hollywood, LA-based talent scout Jason Siner has a few words of advice: accept that you’re a product and market yourself accordingly Next year, hundreds of Australian actors will travel to Los Angeles to join more than 200,000 other hopefuls attempting to pursue an on-camera career in Hollywood. […]


Joining MEAA is for people working in the media and entertainment industries. MEAA membership fees are determined by your role, your income or your workplace.

Tips from the top: How to nail an audition!

It’s a perennial question for actors: how do I prepare for an audition? We asked leading casting directors from Australia and the United States to give us their 10 top tips to help you understand the process and maximise your chances of success. In this article you will find advice from Mullinars, Tom McSweeney, Anousha […]