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On Saturday, we were hoping to see a government elected that would make it easier for members to bargain collectively to improve their working lives, and that would have a vision for the future of our media, arts and entertainment industries.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. But despite Saturday’s election result, our vision remains the same. We want safe and healthy workplaces where our members are paid fairly and have good conditions. We want to see the arts and creative industries celebrated and supported at every level.

But we also need to remember our strength, even in moments of adversity, and that governments alone don’t deliver outcomes for our members. They can make it easier or harder to achieve, but at the end of the day it is always by building the power in our workplaces and our industries that positive change happens.

We are a growing union, and we should always focus on the campaigning and organising that we know delivers results.

Our members are our strength, and together we will overcome any challenge we meet in the next three years.

There is much work to do. The attacks on the ABC will continue, beginning with an $83.7 million funding cut over the next three years. We need screen industry policies to support Australian stories that recognise changing technology and viewing habits, make sure there is a place on our screens for our own stories, and help our industry be globally competitive to grow our sector and help take Australian stories to the world.

Press freedom and public interest journalism will continue to come under pressure. And for all our members, there is the constant challenge to achieve fair pay, safe workplaces and good conditions, whether they are casuals, freelancers, or permanent employees.

Our advocacy for our industries and campaigning for a better deal in our workplaces does not change, regardless of who is in power in Canberra.

If you want to see change, get active in your union and encourage others to join.