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Federal Council meets in Sydney

For the first time since 2020, Federal Council, the decision-making body of MEAA made up of 95 elected members from all sections (Equity, Media, Crew and Musicians) and from all around Australia, met face-to-face in Sydney last week. The meeting gave us a chance to reflect on our many achievements ...
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National Cultural Policy is a big step forward for the sector

The release of the new National Cultural Policy, Revive,  is a major show of faith in the arts sector by the Albanese government after years of wilful neglect by its Coalition predecessors ...
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My MEAA story: Jana Castillo

A dancer and choreographer, Jana Castillo has autism and 10 years ago was diagnosed with the movement disorder dystonia. She has been involved in the Dancers Australia campaign. I first saw Play School live when I was 3½ and was mesmerised with how the people up there under those bright ...
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Firearms on set: you must use a recognised armourer

One of the highest risk areas of any production is when firearms are used. We know from bitter experience that when procedures are ignored or not followed to the letter, production personnel can be killed. It is a producer’s responsibility to eliminate, reduce and control risk on set. When it ...
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Make it Australian makes a splash in Canberra

A Make It Australian delegation of actors, crew, writers, directors and producers delivered a direct message to politicians in Canberra this week: our screen industry needs urgent action to ensure streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ make an ongoing contribution to telling Australian stories ...
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