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Union win at the ABC

/ #HandsOffOurABC, #MEAAMedia
MEAA members at the ABC have secured big wins after reaching agreement with management for their new EBA ...
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Zoe Watkins receives Gold Honour Badge at Federal Council

Congratulations to MEAA ECS vice-president Zoe Watkins, who was awarded a Gold Honour Badge at a meeting of MEAA’s Federal ...
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Federal Council meets in Sydney

For the first time since 2020, Federal Council, the decision-making body of MEAA made up of 95 elected members from ...
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My MEAA story: Emily Hubbard

An arts lover, Emily Hubbard has relished her front of house roles at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art over ...
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National Cultural Policy is a big step forward for the sector

The release of the new National Cultural Policy, Revive,  is a major show of faith in the arts sector by the ...
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