Thursday, December 21st, 2023 #MEAAEquity News
MEAA Online

On December 8, MEAA received written advice from Connect Talent Management that it is ceasing trading – and that clients would be encouraged to move to a new agency in the new year.

On that basis, we are providing this information to allow any members who are clients or prospective clients of the agency, to take appropriate steps to protect their careers.

For any clients of Connect Talent Management, we suggest the following steps be taken as a matter of urgency:

  1. Contact Connect Talent Management and confirm that the agency is ceasing trading and that any current managerial or agency agreements will be terminated as a result. We would suggest, as an added protection, that clients put in writing an immediate date of termination and confirm that any outstanding payments would be made to them within 14 days.
  2. Contact should be made directly to Talent Pay, production companies, producers or clients for any ongoing performer payments, outstanding invoices or rollovers that would ordinarily be paid to Connect Talent Management – with these parties advised of the above termination and the need for any future payments to be made directly to you as the performer.
  3. Any casting or performer agreements that have been made through Connect Talent Management should also be verified directly with the producer or client involved.
  4. Clients that wish to seek a new performer manager or agent, should seek new representation as a matter of urgency. MEAA can advise members on any new agency agreements and appropriate terms that should be included in these agreements. Discussions should be held with any new performer agents or managers, regarding any ongoing performer payments, outstanding invoices or rollovers from Connect Talent Management.

For any queries or support, please contact MEAA Member Central on 1300 656 513.