Monday, March 7th, 2016 #MEAAEquity
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Equity is on the brink of reaching an agreement that includes major improvements to the ways residuals are calculated, collected and distributed to performers for the use of their television work.

The complex agreement has been negotiated between Equity and the Screen Producers Association over the last two years to factor in the digital landscape and the way audiences now consume entertainment.

The agreement provides a new 10% loading for the use of a performer’s work on free streaming services such as iView, a 70% loading for the premiere release of a performer’s work on SVoD platforms such as Netflix and Presto, and web productions will now be included in the agreement – performers will receive a 57.5% upfront loading and will share in 10% of any revenue generated. A licence period of three years will now apply to both broadcast and digital use.

To find out more about what is in the new residuals agreement, download this factsheet.

To help inform the position Equity took in negotiations, performers were surveyed about a range of issues related to residuals.

The feedback from performers was that they were willing to provide some flexibility for the reuse of their work, provided they were adequately remunerated.

“Australian performers want to create work for digital media and they want their work to be seen by as wide an audiences as possible. What they don’t want is to see their rights traded away completely,” said Equity Director Zoe Angus.

Equity will hold information sessions so performers are familiar with what is in the new agreement.

Brisbane - March 21

Melbourne - March 31

Tasmania - April 1

Sydney – April 4

Perth - April 11 

Adelaide - April 11

All MEAA Equity members will be strongly urged to take a few minutes to vote. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of your industry.