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Members at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre are encouraged to vote on whether or not to accept their new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement this week. Voting closes 5pm, Thursday April 28. MEAA is proud to recommend that members vote "Yes" to the new agreement.


MEAA and MCEC members have worked hard to hold firm on rejecting significant cuts to conditions and have been able to make considerable improvements in a number of areas.

Over the course of the campaign members worked together to undertake the following actions in support of their colleagues.

Over 150 workers completed a survey rejecting managements proposed cuts.

MEAA membership
Over 80 workers became union members, increasing membership to well over 50% of the workforce.

Signed the petition
60% of workers signed a petition rejecting the introduction of split shifts and cuts to minimum call. After management refused to listen, it was sent to the MCEC Trust and the cuts were reversed.

Workplace leaders
Over 15 delegates and activists were trained across all departments and attended countless hours of member-driven planning, work site actions and bargaining meetings in support of workmates.

Mass meetings
Over 150 workers attended mass meetings over the course of the campaign.

Labor Party address
Peter Nicol, F&B delegate delivered a 10 minute address to the Labor Party at Victorian Trades Hall, gaining their support for the campaign at Labor Party Conference held at MCEC.

Action at Labor Party Conference
Members petitioned ALP members at Conference to support the campaign. Key public support came from ACTU leaders, Dave Oliver and Ged Kearney, sitting Labor MP’s including Anthony Albanese and officials and members from other unions.

Delegates letter to MCEC Trust
Finally, workplace delegates wrote a letter to the Trust seeking recognition of MCEC delays and seeking back-pay as the final matter to resolve. On Monday this week, back-pay was agreed.

The accumulation of all of these actions have meant workers have seen major improvements and will continue to enjoy healthy, safe and fair working conditions that preserve the work-life balance of members and mean MCEC will continue to be a great place to work.


Snapshot of hard-won conditions in new EBA.

Cuts fought & defeated by members

• Minimum call
• Notice period for cancelled shifts
• Notice period for modified shifts
• Overtime
• Split shifts
• Fair and equitable rostering
• Fixed Term Contract conditions
• Uniform change time
• Job search entitlements
• Statement of employment when terminated
• Superannuation paid on workers compensation
• Call back payment decrease
• Expectation to use “other” public transport, rather than a taxi voucher
• Paid travel time during work
• Unpaid religious, cultural or ceremonial leave considered continuous service
• Increase in movement and assembling of furniture, staging and dance floor modules
• Multiskilling opportunities
• Definitions of dismissible offences
• Unsociable hours payment
• Decrease in payment for cancelled long shifts
• Paid training for elevated work platform card
• OHS obligations, such as paid training for reps, and compliance with codes of practice and standards
• Obligation to provide first aid kits on site
• Disciplinary procedure
• Union rights, including access to notice boards, paid meetings, trade union training, and delegates in the workplace
• Training and development commitments
• Reduction in pay for ushers

What was won

  • Pay: 3% per annum, effective from first pay period after December 10, 2015
  • Pay rises to follow on Jan 1st 2017, & Jan 1st 2018
  • Back pay won: 1.5% of your earnings from July 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015, paid at same time as first payrise
  • Job security: MCEC will use reasonable endevours to engage MCEC employees for work before it engages contractors or agency staff
  • Family Violence Leave: 5 days per year. FT/PT – paid, Casual – unpaid, with no adverse action regarding rostering requirements
  • MEAA Delegates: No limitations on number of delegates recognised by MCEC
  • Overnight Loading: Increased to 7.5% for casual non-hosp
  • Direction to take excessive leave: process improved
  • Major rostering changes: Consultation obligations improved
  • Consultative Committee: Improved procedure for elections
  • Higher Duties Allowance: New provision for a 25% payment if no classification is relevant
  • Classifications:
    Customer Service desk staff – Lev 2 to Lev 3
    Customer Service TL – Lev 4
    Uniform attendants – Lev 1 to Lev 2
    Several Non-Hosp workers able to achieve individual upgrades
Click here to see notes from the paid union meeting including other changes to the agreement outlined on slide 23.