Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022
MEAA Online

MEAA Equity, in partnership with the Equity Diversity Committee, is conducting our first State of the Industry Survey.

This will allow all members and non-members to tell us your experience during the COVID years, how the industry is performing now, how safe, inclusive and accessible the industry is, what barriers you face and what changes you want to see now and into the future so we can work together and make this an industry that prioritises artists and creatives.

It’s time your voice is heard by filling in this survey.

The answers you provide will be vital to help MEAA craft campaigns to build the live performance and screen industry you want to see and tell us your priorities when we bargain for your pay, entitlements, and conditions.

The survey takes approximately 8-15 minutes and needs to be competed in one go, your answers wont be saved until the survey is completed. The personal information you provide will be de-identified from your answers, they will be confidential, they will not be given to third parties and will only be used for union purposes only such as keeping you informed of the outcome of the survey and resulting campaigns.