Monday, November 30th, 2015 #MEAAECS
MEAA Online

QPAC delegate Kris Barton and MEAA organiser Melissa Webster

After staff voted down a proposed agreement in December 2014, and battled a change of state government, they persevered to seek a better deal into the new year. 

Staff finally accepted improved conditions in their QPAC Enterprise Agreement which was approved by the Fair Work Commission in October.


Five improvements to the QPAC Enterprise Agreement:

1. 2.5% wage increase for each year of the three year agreement

2. Wage increase backdated to April 1, 2015

3. Union encouragement, union delegates, and Industrial Relations Education Leave have all been reinstated

4. Employees may apply to cash out their long service leave after 10 years of service.*

5. Ordinary hours remain at 8 hours. (QPAC initially sought to increase these to 10 hours)

*Conditions apply, speak to MEAA for more information 1300 656 513.


Click to view the full agreement