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Tom Bryson @ Sydney/Canberra NSW

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Tom Bryson
Tom Bryson

I study at The National Acting School and have a Sydney based agent. I am 20 years old and a very keen and diverse actor.

Previous Work

A lead role in a short student film about a man who is visited by his future self.

A lead role in a small student comedy film that focuses on a man with strangely conflicting morals.

Fragments By Maura Pierlot

A play written for mental health month shows 8 young people's intertwined stories of how they are all struggling to hold on to family, friends and a piece of themselves.

D-Grade Delivery

A short comedy film tells a story of 2 low grade workers at a delivery company in the future trying to prove their worth.

Burying the Hatchet Short Film

After a young adult hits an alien with his car, he has to ask for his sisters help to hide the evidence.

Next Short Film

An intern at a firm has his life threatened forcing him to do things at his new job that he doesn't want to.