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Talia Graziano
Talia Graziano

Talia Rita Graziano lives to THRILL. As a trained & experienced performer, (20 yrs) She has an intimidatingly diverse set of talents, and background in the PERFORMING ARTS SECTOR. There is no challenge so far, she has not refused or attempted, in regards to her evolution not only as an actor, but as a philanthropist and over-all intuitive communicator of LIFE. Specialising in THEATRE,IMPROV and VOICE WORK, Talia acts as a CHAMELEON, and has the capacity to stimulate, and captivate her audience, through a wide variety of emotional intelligence(s). At the heart of it all, is a soulful, honest and strong woman with a life-long commitment to the arts, and one who holds a dedicated LOVE of STORY-TELLING to all of humanity till her DYING DAY.


Voice Over ArtistDiverse vocal range/abilityImprov ActingAccents