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Sofya Marso
Sofya Marso
artist/ costume designer

MarSo was established in 2004 in the decadent and bohemian Saint Petersburg, Russia by Sofya Marso. The creative knowledge that passed through a long family blood line is still evolving and developing into stronger threads. MarSo focused on working with event producers, art teams and collectives, museums and galleries, theater and cine directors and all creative individuals with style, strong personal integrity, addicted travelers and searchers for unique. Sofya is Mixed Media artist with emphasis on textiles, embroidery, sculpture, art installations. Sofya Marso has been learning about world cultures and regional arts and this helped her to broaden the vision and skills. Being natural explorer and passionate traveler after a decade around a world made her focus on professional occupation. Using her own multicultural back ground she creates elaborate and detailed art objects, wearable art and art installations, and uses industrial detritus to build conceptual and visually pleasing sculptures with refined finishes and fastidious details that can blow your mind.