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Felicity Blake
Felicity Blake
Documentarian & Impact Producer

Felicity is a documentarian, creative producer and social impact campaign strategist. After graduating from UNSW with a BA in Film, she spent several years working in advertising, talent management, and feature film development & packaging before shifting into factual production. Felicity has since followed her professional interests to Iran, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Bhutan, the United States and Europe. She established The Dove Media in 2007 and has contributed to a diverse range of TV programs and theatrical-release documentaries with broad experience across impact campaign design, audience engagement strategies, social media / community building, story-based strategy, live event management, podcasting, public relations, and factual storytelling for all media. Felicity is a Fellow of the Centre for Australian Progress and an Ambassador for Bhutan’s Centre for Gross National Happiness.


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