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Aimee Smith @ Sydney, NSW

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Aimee Smith
Aimee Smith
Voice Actor

Aimee Smith is a full-time voice talent based in Sydney who has recorded for 100+ video games, over 25 audiobooks, National TVCs for brands like Aldi and Chemist Warehouse and anime dubs in the US and Korean markets. You can learn more here:


Voice Actor

Previous Work

Freedom Planet (Video Game)

Recorded for the role of Milla in the video game Freedom Planet

Dislyte (Video Game)

Recorded for the roles of Bonnie and Jeanne in the video game Dislyte

SMITE (Video Game)

Recorded for the roles of Nu Wa Battleship Heart, Izanami Twisted Joke, Nox Queen Bee and Nemesis Soul Slayer in the video game SMITE.

Mobile Legends (Mobile Game)

Recorded for the role of Freya in the mobile game Mobile Legends.

Lil Wild (Netflix Series)

Recorded for the roles of Meep, Chezza and Additional Roles in the Netflix Animation Series Lil Wild.

FriendZSpace (AU Animation Dub)

Dubbed for over a dozen characters (Alice's Grandma, Val, Valerie, Big Aleanna, etc) in the Australian dub of FriendZSpace on ABC Me.