Friday, January 31st, 2014 #MEAAMedia #womeninmedia News

Women in Media (WiM) is a nationwide MEAA initiative for women working in all facets of the media – from journalism and media advisory work to public relations and corporate affairs.

Women in Media works to improve the working lives of women in media by addressing inequality in pay, conditions, opportunity and promotion. We do this through:

• Organising in workplaces to achieve our industrial aims.
• Mentoring and career development specifically for women.
• Education for management on how to create a best-practice environment to ensure women are able to fully and equitably contribute to their industry.
• Events that equip women with the skills to navigate an inequitable workplace while we work together to end that inequality.
• Research that provides a benchmark on the progress of gender equality in the media industry.

Our work is co-ordinated by our National Patron Caroline Jones AO. The  National Co-Convenors are Kathy McLeish and Cath Webber. Women in Media benefits tremendously from the work of our state committees, workplace committees, mentors and guest speakers.

Visit the Women in Media website for more information.