Monday, November 28th, 2016 #MEAAECS
MEAA Online

MEAA screen technician members have endorsed Warner Bros’ proposed greenfields crew agreement for offshore feature film at meetings held nationally last Thursday. 85% of those attending voted in favour of locking in the deal.

The agreement delivers improvements to sixth day overtime and daily overtime and will provide certainty for both crew and producers on conditions going in to any productions up to the end of 2018. Members were encouraged that Warner Bros was proposing a greenfields agreement directly with MEAA rather than seeking agreement from a small number of pre-production crew.

Screen crew have enjoyed working with Warner Bros in the past and welcome them back to Australia. MEAA looks forward to working with them should a production be greenlit.

Warner Bros understands the importance of the market rates to crew and is positive about working together with MEAA to make progress in 2017.

Warner Bros has also indicated a willingness to play a role in a consistent long term standard for crew conditions in the offshore feature sector.