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30-year stage veteran Scott Smith has lent a hand to everyone from BB King to the Lion King. He tells MEAA the secrets of his success.

What is your current role?
Touring head followspot caller on Aladdin.

How did you get your start?
In 1986 I answered a newspaper ad asking for a stage hand, and it took off from there.

What was the best/most memorable production you worked on?
That is a hard question because I have done so much in my 30 year career in lots of different genres ranging from live music to theatre. I would have to say that there are two, firstly working on the BB King concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1992/93, and secondly, working on the Sam Menzies Cabaret Australian Tour in 2002/03.

What changes have you seen during your career?
There has been plethora of changes during my career in this industry – the main changes being in technology, OH&S, and seeing the rise of women crew members. While the changes in technology and OH&S are similar to those in other industries, the presence of women has changed dramatically from when I first started when there were barely any. Gender equality is still an issue however.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?

30 years ago, there wasn’t an emphasis on education in this industry, you didn’t need any certificates, just a willingness to learn. Things are different now. The best advice I can give to someone starting out in the industry is to complete your studies and continue learning. Keep up with technology in your field and get any extra certificates you may need for the future such as EWP, working at height and test and tag. You also have to be willing to learn on the job and be an great communicator.