Thursday, April 24th, 2014 #MEAACrew
MEAA Online

MEAA crew supporting BECTU

MEAA, the union that represents film and TV workers in Australia, expresses its support for UK freelance grips in their campaign for fair wages and conditions.

While negotiations are in a deadlock, UK employers have started to bring in grips from outside the UK to employ them for much lower conditions.

UK union BECTU and its grip members are calling for solidarity and asking colleagues coming to the UK not to accept work for less that the daily minimum rate demanded by BECTU.

MEAA Crew director Mal Tulloch says: “There is a global trend that is seeing the wages and entitlements of screen technicians come under attack from global production companies. We need to stand together and make sure conditions are not eroded.”

Closer to home, Australian technicians are fighting back against constant demands to reduce their conditions when big budget film production come to town.

Follow the link to read the call for solidarity