Wednesday, October 5th, 2022
MEAA Online

Cassie Derrick has been appointed the new Director of the MEAA Media section, taking over from Adam Portelli who moves on from the Director role to be the Deputy Chief Executive of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.

Cassie has worked alongside MEAA members for over 5 years in the positions of Media Organiser, Organising Director and Deputy Director of the Media Section, as well as organising workers at Professionals Australia, the CFMEU and Unions NSW.

She has led campaigns that have secured fair pay, advanced working conditions, protected ethical journalism, fought sexism and racism, and won a strong collective voice for staff journalists across all major media outlets, as well as spearheading the industry-wide campaign for the Freelance Journalists’ Charter of Rights.

Cassie is excited to take the collective voice of media workers to the next level, break down the divides that hold us back and improve not just our working lives but the society that we reflect and serve.