2024-03-28 11:30:39 MediaRoom Releases

MEAA and the MEAA ABC National House Committee is alarmed by efforts to suppress the work of ABC journalists in India.

This week’s Foreign Correspondent episode delivered insightful, on-the-ground reporting, on a topic of global interest. It was public interest journalism without fear or favour. It should not have been removed from YouTube or social media platforms.

We stand with our colleagues and applaud their commitment to covering a diverse range of stories from the region.

We condemn the intimidation of journalists by Indian authorities and note broader concerns about the decline of press freedom across the country. Ahead of national elections in the world’s largest democracy, journalists must be safe to do their work.

We urge the Indian government to restore the ABC’s reporting to all platforms.

We commend ABC management for standing with their journalists and urge them to continue to do so.