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MEAA note that this Inquiry is being conducted in an environment of overt hostility towards the ABC and to a lesser extent, SBS. In our view, this is an inquiry in search of an ill-articulated (or non-existent) problem.

The national broadcasters are not to blame for diminishing advertising returns. The ABC receives no advertising revenue and SBS’s share is relatively modest.

Our public broadcasters are efficient and they are dedicated to meeting audience expectations and demands, including making quality content available on a variety of platforms.

It would be absurd if the national broadcasters were constrained from making use of the technological tools that encourage public access to their platforms. There is simply no public utility in doing so. It would impair the value and purpose of these enterprises’ delivery of excellent news and entertainment.

MEAA believe that competitive neutrality principles, which have largely fallen into disuse in the past ten years, are a virtual Trojan horse through which the Government can mount further attacks on the ABC and its employees.


MEAA’s submission to competitive neutrality inquiry

MEAA’s submission to the Inquiry into the Competitive Neutrality of the National Broadcasters.

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