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In this submission to the Inquiry into Australia’s creative and cultural industries and institutions by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts, MEAA says the arts and entertainment community is looking to government for fair and reasonable consideration of its predicament, where artistic endeavour is properly valued in economic and non-economic ways – i.e. as the source and provider of public goods.

Our arts and entertainment sectors provide immense cultural and welfare benefits, while being significant generators of economic activity, yet only the latter part of the equation seems to resonate with the body politic when it comes to determining what artistic and cultural activity deliver to our country.

MEAA trusts that this inquiry will comprehend all of the values and benefits delivered by Australia’s cultural and creative industries and will make recommendations about how to not only improve the way in which creative work is measured, but to engage in developing policies that will better serve practitioners and organisations in these industries into the future.