2020-11-27 13:25:46 #MEAAMedia MediaRoom Other statements Releases

MEAA is concerned that News Corp is embarking on a round of redundancies that will see photographers and editorial production staff lose their jobs.

In total, MEAA understands about 25 jobs will be lost – 16 photographers, six in centralised production and three editorial roles in Hobart.

MEAA is disappointed with the decision to cut more jobs just six months after News closed mastheads and restructured its local community and regional newspaper businesses.

MEAA Media acting director Adam Portelli said: “When so many redundancy rounds follow hard one after the other, it creates a climate of uncertainty and fear for the staff who remain. It also piles on the pressure as they try to cope with the inevitable increased workload.

“Losing so many photographers whose images tell their own powerful stories, means many years of experience and particular skills will be lost. Also, production staff are the gatekeepers of quality in a newspaper – at a time when media credibility is vital to retaining valued readers, any loss of key production roles is deeply regrettable.”

MEAA will meet with members at News Corp and will continue to support them during this process.